11.20.13Billie Roe

Love the website and love your work! Please let's keep in touch! xoxobillie


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12.19.12Roded Leviathan

Love your website, I look forward to jamin' and glad to be working with you.
Your new friend,

03.31.12Schwimmer Steven& Eileen

Dear Eileen and Steven. I am sending you Jonathans music, I would like you should listn,and let me kmow, what you think.Irving Sklaver. THANK YOU.

03.19.12Tony Rosales Jazz

hello sir, I just Wanted to introduce my self,I am a Jazz Pianist,my information with CD & Videos are on Linked,Google and Facebook,under Tony rosales Jazz. Please let me know what you think,thank you. (843)465-1953 http://www.kennyg.com/users/tonyrosalesjazz

04.01.10Peter Fraize

Sounds and looks awesome, Jon!

01.19.10Jen Siegel

AWESOME show last night-you and the rest of the guys sounded great!


I just noticed on facebook that you're playing at the Blue Note. Then I found your website- so fantastic. I always loved your sound, but over the past few years you've obviously exploded up to a whole new level. I am digging the tracks you've posted. How can get a copy of your demo? I teach high school band now on Long Island and my kids would go gaga over your music. Good luck to you, old friend.

01.08.10Mrs. Mary Louise Brown


Congratulations!!! How I miss those early morning rides to Norwalk Youth Symphony.

We all knew you would be outstanding as a jazz musician, but Carmen never, ever sounded as wonderful as when you and Shannon played it.

Continue to grow !

01.05.10Andrew Seigel

Jonathan -

I saw that you'll be playing at the Blue Note in a few weeks. Just wanted to say how thrilled I am to see that you're playing and making a great name for yourself. I am quite proud of what you're accomplishing!

-Andrew Seigel

12.28.09Yoni Levy

Good site! Great music!
We are really happy for you and so pruod of you.
Best wishes for continued success.
Lily and Yoni

12.28.09Frank Farina

Hey Jonathan...

I hope this note finds you well and looking forward to your "big show" !!!
Hey, you need some new pics!!!
I hope to see you there!

Best to you and your family,

Frank Farina

10.20.09Billy Aukstik

Hey man, Billy here. Cool website, really dig it. Keep up the great work!

10.18.09Murray Richman

As I sit here at my computer listening to you play your very enjoyable jazz composition "Beatrice", a perfect vehicle for you to display your magnificent jazz prowess on the Tenor Sax, I realize that you have traveled a long and noteworthy distance on the road to fame and success in the music world. I congratulate you!

09.30.09Asa Fradkin


This website is cool man. Your playing is amazing.

See you this weekend.

09.29.09Steven Kaplan

Love you brother.

09.28.09Papa Julie

I was amazed and truly impressed with your Sax vertuosity concidering your very young age. I loved your sound and have one request. Play some of those great Sax solos that came out of the forties. Don't let them fade away.

09.27.09Rachel Kantor

Hey Jonny I like your website but it would be cooler if you had some games on there
-Rachel Kantor

09.27.09arie broshi, israel

enjoyed so much to read about your success . very proud. heard you playing.
your grandparents keep me updated. wish you and david much success and hope to see you performing in israel.

09.27.09ruth silberstein

was very happy and proude to see and hear you on the web, am listning and enjoing right now your music,soooo
lovely .so sorry will not be able to hear and see you in
January but am sure of big success!!!!!
will let other people have your web especially young
people .
I like especialy Beatrice , great !!!!
thank you very much

09.25.09Fred Burger

Hi Jonathan,
The web site looks great! I love the music clips. And there's even a link to that rising young star Eva Burger. You coulon't be in better company. Oh yeah and all those jazz greats are cool too.


Love the website!

09.24.09Murray Siegel

Awesome new website, J! Wish I could hear you perform live in January, but my parents are huge squares and plan to leave me with a sitter. For now, I just love listening to the tracks on this site!


Love the site- looking forward to hearing you live in January!

09.23.09Steph Sales

Love the site!! Keep up the good work!


Incredible website! I hope I get to see you perform live one day . . . come to Yoshi's!

09.22.09Adam Braun

Site looks and SOUNDS awesome! Congrats man, count me in on the Jan 18th show for sure.


Congrats on the website!
You sound really good on theese clips, let's play sometime!

09.22.09Gabe Axe

Great sounds, great clips, great site. I look forward to seeing you play live!!


Great Sound! Great bio!
Love and congratulations.




This is clearly a talented young man!


you are dreamy


I love this website! What a gorgeous sound you have!